Our partners consist of the highest status of our government. Cedars has established an invaluable relationship with worlds best suppliers, and subcontractors.

Cedars Electro-Mechanical, Inc. is a State of Florida and nationally certified woman owned business (NWBOC) specializing in mechanical, solar, and general construction. In business since 1990, Cedars Electro-Mechancial's work has included complex mechanical systems, HVAC systems, renovations and new construction with government agencies, both local and federal. Some of the agencies that we have worked with include the US Army, US Fish and Wildlife Agency, Army Corp of Engineers, US Navy, US Coast Guard, US Department of Labor, United Postal Service, and US Air Force as well as local counties and school boards. We have executed projects within Florida, Georgia, Washington DC, Maryland, and Alabama. Our staff of mechanical engineers and civil engineers along with our relationship with engineering firms have enabled us to execute design/build projects across the country.