Cedars Electro-Mechanical is masterfully staffed by highly qualified engineers, construction management professionals, and certified mechanics. With 30 years in the mechanical field no job is too big or too small for us. At Cedars we like the jobs that seem to tough for others. 


Usps Miami p&dc

Change out of 23- 50 ton Carrier rooftop units. By using a 500 ton crane, the biggest moving crane in North America provided by Allegiance crane company we were able to have zero shut down time for the post office during the busiest holiday season. The job consisted of new RTU's  and new control BMS system.

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Deer Creek

This project consisted of 14 new roofs, 56 new rooftop condenser stands, and all new electrical . Each roof had a total of 8 units that were removed with new stands installed during the re-roof. Tenants and owners were never without air during whole phase of construction.

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Palm Beach Central Energy Plant

4-650 ton Trane chillers, 4 chiller starters, 12 pumps, 4 cooling towers, new Siemens BMS control system, Filtration system